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The Value of Character

What is the value of character? Why do we need it?

It’s time to return to the discipline of basic values that bring joy to life.

I used to work at a YMCA as a Youth Program Director. I started a small group for teens and called it Leaders Club. The first couple of years, the only “leader” in the group was me but I had about ten teens who would hang out with me because I was an adult who paid them some attention. That was my first taste of leadership and character development and I was hooked.

Over the next eight years, the group grew to thirty-five teens. The program was successful and the kids in the group were learning valuable information, not to mention having a lot of fun!

The YMCA stressed character values like caring, honesty, responsibility, respect and faith.


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2 thoughts on “The Value of Character

  1. Barb,
    Thank you for creating the Leaders Club! I enjoyed my time with the group so much, and try my best to apply the many principles we learned there in my daily life in business. I still fondly remember our group trips to the Horse Farm(where I had to learn not to let my own fears allow me to be the weak link in our group) our overnighters at the Y and our trips to ALIVE, I’ve shared my experiences from those festivals with so many folks over the years. So again Thank you so much for helping create some of my favorite memories from my formative years! And more so thank you for teaching us what true servant leadership looks like by serving as a living example of that. P.S. I still struggle with delegating responsibilities;)

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