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So the first character trait that we are starting with is caring. The definition of caring is to display kindness and concern for others. Jesus tells us the two greatest commandments are to love 1) God and 2) our neighbor as ourselves. That’s where we need to start. All other character traits and virtues stem from this.

How do we care for our neighbors? Do we care for the poor and sick? I’m sure we all know someone who is sick who could use our concern and help. Do we take care of our earth and the environment? Do we take care of ourselves and our bodies?

I want you to list at least 10 things you really care about. Write them down right now on a sheet of paper or post-it note. Then put it on a nightstand or stick it on a mirror where you will see it often. Think about what you can begin doing to care for those things listed.

I’ve heard that a habit forms when we do something repeatedly for 21 days. Let’s pick up the habit of caring for others. For 21 days do something that shows care for someone or something important to you. In order for this to work you actually have to ACT on it.

It could be something as simple as telling your spouse or children, mother, or father how much you love them. Walk your dog. Eat a home cooked meal every night.— for 21 days! Who does that anymore? (See how much money you’ll save:)

How many of us know our next door neighbors? —Go visit with one of them. Introduce yourself. Ask questions. Yes, it might seem awkward at first, but what joy it will bring them, and you! If they are elderly, or live alone, visit them more often. Ask them if there is something you can do to help them. Develop a friendship.

Do you volunteer for any organizations in your community? —Get involved. Find something you care about, and sign up! Park groups can always use help to pick up trash. Volunteer at a local nursing home. Visit with patients. Serve food at your local soup kitchen. The options and possibilities are endless. You just have to start.

Too busy, you say? How many hours do we (and yes, I include myself) spend on our phones just scrolling and looking at what others are caring about?

Start with something small in creating your new habit of caring for 21 days. Schedule it in your day. Put it in your phone, on your calendar. Make the time to care about something important. You’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel to care about something bigger than you.

Be sure to leave a comment on what you are going to begin. I’ll be interested to see what’s important to you. We have to get back to caring for each other and our world.

Here’s the Caring Activity Sheet. Download and print.


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