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There’s a fun word, right? Who wants to be responsible these days?

Responsibility is challenging. Taking on accountability, owning up, doing what is expected of you, and taking care of something or someone else is a challenge.

It’s too easy today to start something and just drop it if it doesn’t fit our needs, our schedules or is too demanding. We live in a culture of “me firsts” and people who are only interested in gratifying themselves. They are the ones with the universe revolves around me mentality. We are so spoiled in this country. We have more than most people around the world, yet we waste food, resources, time and money like there is an endless supply.

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone. I’ve been there and done that. I’m not immune. But I’ve also learned that that isn’t how it’s supposed to be. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that in order to be happy, I have to step outside my little box, look around and take responsibility for my actions and the world around me.

I am responsible for keeping my house clean, making the bed, and cooking and eating the foods that will keep me and my family healthy. I am responsible to pick up the trash I see around me in my neighborhood. My children knew throughout their lives that it’s not ok to throw trash from a moving vehicle into the street. I am responsible to show up to work on time every day. I pay my bills when they are due.

As parents, we are responsible for providing for our families by working and to raise our children to be responsible adults.

As citizens, we are responsible for voting for qualified candidates in local, state and national races. We need read and know what we are voting on and who we are voting for. We are educated on the issues.

People reap what they sow. Little effort produces little results. Don’t make excuses for why you aren’t fulfilling your duties. Get in there and do it!

Some of the most responsible people are those who serve in the military. They feel responsible for the safety of our country. I guess that word ‘serve’ is key to being a responsible human being. You have to want to serve others. You have to care about others. When you figure out how to do that, you take the focus off yourself and onto others. That is where joy and happiness come in. Believe it or not, the more responsibility you have in this life, the more life you have.

This week I’d like you to list up to 5 areas where you could be more responsible in your daily life. Plan for it. Schedule it in your calendar. Practice it for 21 days till it becomes a habit. Leave a comment or share this with others. Sharing is the best way we get the message across.

God bless. —Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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