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Let’s Talk About Punctuality

The sun comes up at a precise moment every morning. You have to be punctual if you want to see it.

You’re either on time or you’re late. People tend to be one or the other. Which one are you? Are you the last one in the car when it’s time to go somewhere? Do you return phone calls or text messages in a timely manner?

It can be very annoying to constantly have to wait on someone. The “waiters” tend to get frustrated. It’s considered rude to not be on time.

Being on time is about thinking of others and being considerate. It’s acknowledging that other people’s time is just as important as your own. Punctuality is about doing the right thing at the right time and being prepared.

Time is precious, especially in this day and age. We try to fit so many things into our days. So why do we waste so much of it? Why are we not prepared?

How crazy would it be if no one showed up on time for anything?

We tend to be punctual when we are going somewhere that we are really excited about. Sometimes we even get there early! When we don’t really care, we show up late.

Tardiness is a bad habit. But bad habits can be replaced with good ones. It just takes practice and a desire for change.

Going to bed on time or even early so you can get to work on time is beneficial. Getting your work done ahead of time is possible. You just need to make a plan or schedule your day and stick to it. It’s easy to get distracted these days, especially with our phones. Stay focused on what you need to accomplish and get it done on time.

You can keep track of your time in your day. Write down everything you do in your day every 15 minutes for the next couple of days. It’s an eye opener to see how much time we actually waste. See where you could cut out some extra time to prepare for your activities so that you can arrive on time or get things done in a timely manner. Set timers and alarms on your phone as a reminder of important meetings or appointments. Practice being punctual for 21 days to make it a good habit.

God bless. –Barb


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