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Everybody dreams of being great, or at least being great at something. We want big lives, big houses and big paychecks just like the celebrities and sports hero’s we see on our big TV’s.

Not everyone who sets out for greatness achieves it. I think it could be because they’re focused too much on the greatness of it instead of the service of it. Being great takes a lot of hard work and determination. It’s not very often that it just falls into your lap.

Mother Teresa didn’t become great because she was seeking greatness. She became great because she was focused on doing all the little things in her life that God called her to do, day after day, after day. Mother Teresa was consistent in her approach to helping others. She was constantly in touch with Jesus and Mary through prayer. She was discerning about what she was to do to help the sick and the dying. She seized opportunities and utilized people to help her in her mission. God provided the skills she needed as she progressed in her calling. She learned a great deal through trial and error.

We all have a calling or purpose. We can all learn to be great by watching those who are great and learning from them. I can never be Mother Teresa because there is no one else like her. I am not called to do what she did. But I can learn from her and from other great people and use what I’ve learned to apply that to my own purpose or calling.

So if you’re looking to be great, just get started living life one small step at a time. Accept the small opportunities as they come. Grow and learn something new from every day of life.

Love God with all your heart and see where He will lead your smallness to greatness.


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