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Who Has Time For Patience?

In this culture of getting what we want, when we want it at our beck and call, we’ve become impatient when we don’t get immediate results. We’ve come to expect quick responses.

It’s the time of year when everyone is running around getting things done in preparation for Christmas. Kids are getting excited about Santa. People become stressed and impatient with others. The nights are long and winter seems so cold. We spend a good deal of time indoors. The sun seems elusive.

This is a good time to learn the virtue of patience.

Have you ever tried to lose weight? Did you ever run a marathon or blaze the Appalachian Trail? That stuff doesn’t happen overnight. You need to train and work out consistently. Learn to eat healthier. You have to have patience.

In the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, let’s practice being patient. Let go of irritations and restlessness. Take some time and slow down a little bit. Breathe in. Exhale. Most of the things we are impatient about aren’t really that important. Let someone in the grocery line go ahead of you if they seem agitated or tired. Hit the brakes instead of the accelerator at those yellow lights.

Teaching children not to interrupt in conversations is a great lesson in patience. I know some adults who could learn this as well.

I’m learning my own lesson in patience. I’d like this blog to take off and have thousands of followers like, right now! I know that’s not realistic. It takes time to build a following and create a website that helps people fill a need, something they want to read. It could take years. But that’s ok. I’m learning and growing in the virtue of patience. When you are persistent and patient, hard work will pay off.

What do you need to be patient about? Here’s the patience worksheet that may help.


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2 thoughts on “Who Has Time For Patience?

  1. Patience can be tough. In traffic, it really is. But you’re right. It’s best to be when you can. And honestly, it’s a strength or a skill, if you will. Sometimes when an enemy gets very impatient with you, you can show tremendous patience and make them boiling mad! Haha. Sorry. I guess this sounds a little vindictive but at the same time, fun. Haha. Thanks so much for sharing! And don’t worry. Your blog will be great. I’m really liking your posts. It just takes effort and time. The rest will work itself out. Great post!

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