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Old Things Become New Again

This season brings about memories of Christmases past and times gone by. Wouldn’t it be fun to go back in time for some of our favorite things from different time periods? What were some of your favorites? Here’s a few of mine. Hope it inspires you to reminisce and share your stories.

Great Memories

In the movie, “The Sound of Music”, one of my favorite songs was “My Favorite Things”. (Let that song play in your head for a little while. I bet it brings a smile.)

I love the music from the 50’s and 60’s: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Elvis. I would say music is one of my favorite things. But also westerns with John Wayne and movies with Elvis and family shows like Andy Griffith and Leave It to Beaver.

Those times seemed so carefree. People sat on their front porches just passing the time, visiting, talking and telling stories. My grandpa showed me how to whittle a piece of wood with a pocket knife while we sat in a metal glider chair on the front porch.

I like the old cars, too. My dad had a ‘55 Chevy and a Rambler that had push buttons for drive and park. Remember milk wagons and bread trucks? Fresh milk and bread were delivered to right your door weekly from local businesses. (Amazon delivery is not new!)—And if you were really good, you could talk your grandparents into getting a candy bar for a treat.

I have a silver Christmas tree that I put up in the living room. One of my favorite memories was one with the color wheel that went with the tree. The wheel spun around with red, yellow and blue colors. Under the wheel was one big hot light bulb that projected the colors onto the tree. As kids we would lay on the floor and watch that thing spin around and around. One year, it got so hot, the wheel melted to the light bulb. We were lucky it didn’t start a fire.

Riding bikes in the neighborhood, staying outside playing till it was dark; coming up with or creating your own games with your imagination and your dog or siblings; Red Rider wagons and BB guns. Being a kid was fun.

Bring back the good old days!

We can still sit on our front porches and pass the time, if we can slow down and choose to make time. We can replace whittling with phones that FaceTime or Skype and tablets that can hold all the books we would ever want to read. (Even better, invite someone over to sit on the front porch with you.) We can listen to the 50’s and 60’s music on our Echoes or Alexa’s anytime. We have cable and Roku that play all the old tv shows we loved to watch. Amazon will deliver just about anything you need right to your front door.

We have the opportunity to share all our favorite things with our kids, grandkids, friends and neighbors. We can teach some valuable things to a new generation. We just need to make the time to do it. That’s what it’s all about; Making time to pass on all our favorite things.

Old things can become new again!

There’s no better time to start. What are some of your favorite things? Who can you share your stories with?

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2 thoughts on “Old Things Become New Again

  1. Times definitely used to be simpler. Andy Griffith. I still love watching that show. Barney is hilarious. And a jerk. Haha. Yeah, I think we’re too into our devices these days. I whittled a few times earlier this year and I should do it again. It’s pretty relaxing. And front-porch sitting is good. It can definitely calm you down after a long hard day. I grew up in the 80s and I had lots of action figures, a backyard and a big imagination. I had a blast! I think it’s good to go back to hat whenever possible. Love this post. Thanks for sharing!

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