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Attention to Detail: Thoroughness

—Not the most exciting character trait. But it sure is important. Details are the make or break of any situation or problem.

Are you someone who is thorough? Do you pay attention to details? Do you have a plan and then make lists of action steps to carry out your plan?

It’s easy to get side-tracked, to want to get something done and move on to the next thing. But the details are what makes what you’re doing fulfilling. There’s a kind of pride in doing something and knowing that you did your best, that every detail was covered and nothing was left undone. When you are thorough, you are assured that you won’t be letting anyone down who may be depending on you and you won’t be backtracking spending even more time doing the task because you have given your best effort.

Let’s take grocery shopping, for example. Have you ever gone to the store and forgotten to bring home a few things that you needed? I’ve done it many times. It’s no fun making a second trip to the store.

So let’s apply how to be more thorough in grocery shopping:

1. You need to make it a habit to write down and keep a list of the items you need and remember to take it with you when you go to the store. You’ve already planned out your meals for the week and have a shopping list ready to go, right?

2. You’ll also want to look for coupons for those items that you need. As you get better, you’ll get to the point where you only buy items that are on sale when you go to the grocery. Check out the store’s sale flyer in your local paper. Use the store’s savings card or app on your phone, if they have one, for extra savings.

3. You should arrange your list according to where those items are in the store by aisle number. (Get to know your stores) This saves time in not having to retrace steps if you happen to miss something on the list. Stick to the list! Don’t be an impulse buyer.

4. There are other apps that give additional money off when you buy certain products. (Check out the Checkout 51 and Ibotta apps. They paid me $100 last year in gift cards.)

Now all of this takes a little time, especially when you get started. But it is well worth the effort. You will learn to get faster and better each time you do it. You’ll also be amazed at how much money you can save by doing this.

Thoroughness takes practice. It takes routine. You have to get into a regular habit and analyze how you can do it better and faster each time.

Details matter. Pay attention to details. Be thorough. Cover everything. It will build confidence in your life and pay off in the long run. Here’s a thoroughness worksheet to help tackle cleaning a room. With anything, make it fun and it will get done!

God bless. —-Barb


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