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Security…Do You Feel It?

Feeling secure…or scared?

Do you feel secure? Have you been overwhelmed with anxiety, worrying about the future, the virus, your family? Is there any way that we can guarantee security and safety?

Do you count on yourself to get through everything? Are you confident that you can figure things out? Do you laugh off fear? Do you discount the seriousness of situations or are you bold in the face of danger?

Do other people make you feel secure? There’s a sense of familiarity and trust with family and friends. People who love you know they can trust you. Who do you trust?

We put locks on our doors and security systems in our homes to help us feel safe. We lock our cars. We buy guns. We put our money in banks. We save for retirement. Truth be told, nothing in this life is secure. It could all be gone tomorrow, and so could we.

If you lost everything, your family, your home, your job, where would you turn? Some people turn to alcohol or drugs. Some turn inside themselves. And then there are those who turn to God. During this pandemic, Bible sales have skyrocketed. It seems that many people know exactly how to find security when push comes to shove.

One of my favorite Christian hymns is You Are the Light I Seek. The first few lines are “Whom should I fear? Why should I be afraid? Lord, you are my light and salvation: a refuge from my strife.” It is a song of consolation composed from Psalm 27 by Michael Penza. This song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it because it is so beautiful. The words are like medicine for my soul. Sometimes, in times of trouble or insecurity, I can forget that He is the Light. In my striving for security, I tend to look to the people and things in my life instead of Him.

So if you have been fearful and afraid, anxious about the future, wondering what is going to happen, I encourage you to seek the Light for some peace and reassurance. Read Psalm 27. Bookmark it and read it whenever you get anxious or scared. Ask Him to calm the uneasiness in your spirit. And then trust that He will. He is the only security we can depend upon.

God loves us unconditionally.

God bless.—-Barb