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Are You Tuned In? Alertness.

There’s nothing like a good thunderstorm in the middle of the night to make you alert, is there?

I don’t know how people can sleep through storms. My husband can sleep through a rumble that shakes the whole house. Lightning and thunder wake me every time. —But then, so did the cries of a waking baby over 30 years ago. So I guess light sleeping never goes away.

This week I’m talking about alertness. That’s a character trait I wish didn’t show up at 2am but, I’m glad if it keeps me safe from bad weather. Recently, my sense of alertness has been heightened by the fears of Coronavirus, the likeliness of a tornado from an unusually warm 78 degree spring day and other things on my mind. Yes, these times call for us to be on our toes, a little more alert than we are used to. We are suspicious of every cough or sneeze, fearing we will be caught without toilet paper!

It is good to be aware, to be tuned in to our surroundings and circumstances. Alertness creates awareness. To be unaware is foolishness these days. We are living in crazy times where we need to be alert and prepared. How prepared are you?

“Therefore, stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.” —Matthew 24:42

I love the Bible. It’s a great resource for getting tuned in. There are so many stories, so many parables, especially in the New Testament, that teach character and virtue. That’s where I’ve learned much of what I know about living life to the fullest, a life of joy. The Gospel of Matthew is a great place to start.

This is a crucial week in the life of Christians. It is Holy Week. We will celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday.

Stay alert! Be prepared! Tune in! Easter is coming!

Stay healthy and safe. May God bless you all on this holiest of weeks. —Barb


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