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Make Good Choices

Some choices in life are harder than others.  You may have a few obstacles to overcome.
Some choices in life are harder than others. You may have a few obstacles to overcome.

Everything in life is a choice. Even though we did not choose this virus, we can choose how we respond to it. We can choose to listen to our government officials and stay at home or not. Now, mind you, there are also consequences to our choices. How are you going to show up? What are your choices and how are they going to affect you and those you love?

I used to run a summer Day Camp at our local YMCA. One parent would drop her children off every morning, kiss them goodbye and tell them to “make good choices.” Every single day, she would reinforce this saying to her children. I have come to realize just how golden those words are.

During this stay at home mandate, some of us have a lot of free time. Some of us are watching a lot of tv. Some of us are scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, keeping up with the latest social post or video. There are some of us who are still working, questioning our choices and the safety of our families. And then, some of us are learning new skills and ramping up our game with our businesses so we can come back on the road to recovery. How are you filling your day? What choices are you making?

Some of us are dealing with hard life choices. Maybe we are burying loved ones or cancelling important activities. Maybe you don’t know if you are going to have a job to go back to or not. We may not be able to control all of our circumstances right now, but we can control how we respond to those circumstances.

Are you living the life you dreamed of when you were younger? Why not? —Choices, friends. Our choices along the way changed our direction. —Good and bad.

So I want to encourage you that whatever you are dealing with, continue to make good choices. Make the best from the past. Think things through and move forward with life. Here is the make good choices worksheet that can help, if you need it.

I’ve been praying for everyone around the world to stay safe, and healthy. I’m praying for us to be able to return to a life that is full of happiness, full of life, full of love. It’s all about choices, my friends.

God bless–Barb


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