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Compassion For Each Other

Compassion could be as simple as giving a flower to your shut in neighbor.

Compassion is just a big word for caring and concern. Do you have compassion for your neighbor? What does that look like? This virus has altered everyone’s lives. Now is the time to be thinking of others. How are your neighbors getting along? Is there anything they need? Compassion for each other means looking out for other people when times are hard.

Do you know someone in need? We are all a little timid about what is going on, and uncertain about the future. Will we ever be able to gather in large groups without fear of infecting others? Time will tell.

Who is someone you know that is compassionate to others? Anyone in your family? Can you think of someone famous? I can think of a few people who set good examples to follow: Mother Teresa is my favorite.

Compassionate people are the helpers. They stick out by wanting to help and care for others. Our community has many helpers who step up to provide for others. Our local newspaper has been great at pointing out the helpers.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news,” Rogers said to his television neighbors, “my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. ‘” —Fred Rogers

In my hometown, someone organized lunches for kids when the schools closed down. They also helped get meals to shut ins. Others put food storage boxes around the community to help people put food on their tables. Our medical transport service sent ambulances to New York. A few staff volunteered to go and serve as well during the worst time of the pandemic. Many women in the community sewed masks for the health department so they could distribute masks to those who need them. The list of people helping people is endless. —That’s compassion.

Everyone has something they can contribute. We are all learning what it means to be compassionate about/for others. What can you do? It can be something as simple as asking your neighbor how they are doing or picking up something at the grocery for them. Maybe just sitting a safe distance outside and talking with them. It could be wearing a mask at the store to help others feel safer. Start small. See how good it will make you feel and build from there. Mother Teresa didn’t become a saint over night.

God bless.—Barb


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