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With Determination Anything is Possible

Sometimes goals seem out of reach. With determination, anything is possible.

How determined are you? If you go after something, do you usually get it or do you give up after the first setback or the second one? Thomas Edison tried over a thousand times to get the light bulb right. That’s determination, my friends.

Determination has a lot to do with perseverance and patience, If you want to achieve anything, you have to determine that you will. Determination takes a positive mindset and a set of action steps to achieve your goals.

Here are 7 steps for building determination:

1. Set some goals. Write them down on paper. Put them somewhere where you can see them often, like a planner or journal or your bathroom mirror. Start small, then go big.

2. Work daily to achieve those goals. Write down some action steps for each one. Schedule those steps in your planner or calendar. Create a habit.

3. Avoid distractions. They are the plague. Don’t let distractions take up the time you have planned for your goals. Stay on task. Keep your course. Distractions will try to kill your momentum.

4. Don’t be discouraged. There may be times when you have setbacks. Things may not move as quickly as you’d hoped. —You could even fail, but get back at it and keep going!

5. Don’t listen to the doubters. Avoid people who aren’t encouraging you to reach your goals. Find someone who can help you be accountable.

6. Face any problems head on. Problems don’t just go away. It’s best to just face them and figure out how to get a handle on them.

7. Be the example for others. Teach your children by letting them see your determination at home in setting goals for things around the house. Let them in on your successes in various tasks. Help create goals for them in cleaning their rooms, yard work, etc.

Don’t you want to be that person, the one that your children or grandchildren look up to, the one they emulate or want to be like? That is a legacy you can leave behind.

I’ve been writing my blog now for almost a year. I am determined to help others live life to the fullest. I want a life of determination. —A daily choice to go after the good things life has to offer. It’s work, and it doesn’t always come easy. It’s all about choices. You have a choice in how you respond to everything in life. All the character traits contained in the pages of this website are guides on how to make those choices with the best mindset and action steps possible.

Determination has it’s rewards. When you are determined, you find that you become courageous. You won’t be afraid to tackle hard situations. You will step out in faith. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you can accomplish so much!

God bless!—Barb