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What Does Benevolence Mean?

Let us focus on helping others without expecting anything in return.

What does benevolence mean? What is the benefit of benevolence?

Benevolence is a fancy word for selfless giving. Doing something kind for someone else without expecting anything in return. That practice is as obsolete as the word used to describe it, or is it?

Does anyone ever do anything anymore without expecting something in return? Oh, there are a few special people, I’m sure. But for the most part, most people are looking out for number one. If I’m sounding a little gloom and doom, maybe it’s because of all the negativity I’ve been seeing in the news lately.

Reporters no longer just tell the story, they’ve got to add a slant or create some drama. Then social media puts its spin on it. Anyone can post anything without much fact checking there. There’s got to be a conspiracy theory. Some political party is to blame. Pandemic virus, protests, looting and riots in the streets Sounds like a made for TV drama doesn’t it?

Start a Movement of Benevolence

Let’s put down our phones. Turn off our TV’s and get out in our neighborhoods and show some selfless love to our neighbors. Visit, at a distance if you must. Offer your help to get groceries, run errands, mow the grass, whatever you can do. Just start serving without expecting anything in return. How would that look in your neighborhood? Let’s help others. Show some love.

“Where are the helpers?” Where are the Mister Rogers’ and Mother Teresa’s and Martin Luther King’s of our day? I’m searching for those leaders who aren’t looking to make any money or political gain, who truly want to help other humans with no other reason than to selflessly see love and peace return to our country.

Take Action

If it’s going to be, it has to start with me. Let’s start teaching our children and grandchildren the meaning of benevolence by letting them experience it and see it in our own actions and lives.

God bless.—Barb

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