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What the World Needs Now is Kindness

How kind would we be if we really saw God in everyone?

I have this little key ring I carry around with me. It has an engraved picture of Mother Teresa on the front with the inscription on the back, “I see God in every human being.” It’s my reminder to be kind.

How kind would we be if we really viewed God in everyone? I mean, everyone. Wouldn’t we open our doors to every stranger? Wouldn’t we give to every person who asks of us?

I had a hard time when I first started working at the church. I wanted to give to everyone who came to our door asking for help. I cried whenever they were turned away. How could we not help these people, I’d ask? But as time went on, it quickly became evident that some people have learned to abuse the system and then we couldn’t help those who really needed it. But I can still be kind to them. I can pray for them and even walk them over to the church where they can go in and quietly pray to Jesus. Kindness comes in many forms.

Times are hard. There are many people who aren’t back to work yet. Kids have been stuck at home with parents who are stressed. There are older people who are staying home who are lonely or fearful of getting sick. We have no idea what kind of day people are going through. The world needs a little kindness.

I always thought I had to do something big to change the world. I see other motivational speakers and life coaches who have blogs and books and products and millions of readers. And I think, I could do that. But when it comes right down to it, I don’t need to do all that stuff to make a difference. I realize that it’s the small things you do, a little bit at a time every day, that can change the world. When you are kind to one person, it has a ripple effect that will reach another and then another. It starts with my family. It starts with me. We are all called to impact the lives of those people that God puts in our paths. We impact those lives with kindness and love.

Do you care about others? Are you kind? Is there a friend or someone in your family that you could be a little kinder to? One drop of kindness can go a long way. What can you do to start the ripple? I created a worksheet on how to put more kindness in your life. If you sign up to receive my weekly blog in your email, I’ll send it to you for free.

God bless.—Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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