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Comparison is a Thief

Each one of these leaves is beautiful in it’s own way, just like each of us.

Last week’s blog was about authenticity and how unique we all are. This week, let’s talk about comparison and how to get out of the trap of comparing our lives to others. We don’t live life to the fullest if we are trying to live life like everyone else, trying to keep up with the Jones’s, so to speak. Some people spend their whole lives struggling to get the stuff they think will make them happy, only to find out that stuff isn’t what makes us happy.

Comparison is a thief. It steals our joy and thankfulness. When we compare our lives to others, we are looking at what others have instead of what we’ve been given. God gives us all according to our needs. And it’s been said that to those he has endowed great amounts, greater things will be required. Why can’t we just learn to be happy and content with what we have?

One of the best prayers I’ve learned as a Christian is the “Our Father”. It is a prayer that everyone can pray on a daily basis. It covers everything. It provides. It protects. It does not discriminate. It does not compare.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.”

This prayer asks for our basic needs to be met. Nothing more. We need to learn to be content. We must learn to be grateful for what we already have. We need to learn to be happy in our present circumstances. When you find joy in the small things, and are appreciative, God will give the increase, if it is His will for your life. But, we’ve got to stop comparing. We’ve got to stop wanting more than we need. We need to start giving our excess to those who have less than we do.

Learning to live with less is a discipline. Have you heard the saying, “Less is more?” Do you know people who can hardly walk through their house because they have so much stuff? Don’t we all have too much stuff, really? Life isn’t about how much stuff you have. It’s about how much love you have. Love for God and love for your neighbor. How great would life be if we all just started giving away everything we have, especially our love?

Are you living in God’s will for your life? Are you doing what He created you to do? It’s not about looking at your neighbor to see what he has and how he’s living. How are YOU living? Are you content? Are you happy?

Let’s get started: 1). Focus on Christ and Him alone. Take some time daily to yourself and sit in silence with no distractions. Try to figure out what He has planned for you. What makes you happy? Write it down. Takes some notes. 2). Learn to live life every day with gratitude and grace. Be thankful for every thing. Make a list. Read it often during the day. 3). Stop comparing yourself to others. Your life is yours. It is like no other. 4). Trust that God will provide for all your needs. Be content in your present circumstances.

Are you lacking in anything? Then pray. Ask God. Try to come up with some solutions to your problem. Then watch what God can and will do. That doesn’t mean that you just sit back, relax and watch it drop into your lap. No, that’s not how it happens, not usually. There will be work required from you. You may have to learn some new skills. You may have to work your butt off. You may have to do without a few things, but give it your all, your best shot.

In the Bible, Matthew 20: 1-16, the Lord tells a parable about hiring workers for the vineyard. The workers who had worked all morning got paid the same wages as the ones who showed up right before quitting time. —You might say that it doesn’t seem fair. —I did, because I was comparing. But in reality, who cares! Just be happy you received your wages! You will have food on your table. Be thankful for what you’re given. This parable is about what the kingdom of heaven is like. How great it is that God does not compare how much or how little we have done for Him!

Your life is yours. No one else will experience the things you experience, the way you experience them. Learn to live life with love in your heart for God and others and gratitude for everything you receive.

Thanks for reading. I hope that this inspires you to live life to the fullest. Make sure you hit the sign up button to get this blog in your email every week.

God bless.—Barb


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