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The Courage to ‘Be Not Afraid’

a clear sky at night
What does courage look like to you?

Be not afraid is in the Bible 365 times. One verse for every day of the year. This is the year when I’ve felt most afraid. –Afraid of a virus, political unrest and hatred, just to name a few. But this is also the year that I’ve had to summon up the most courage. How about you?

No Fear

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in fear. I believe that fear is false evidence appearing real. Anytime we are afraid, it’s usually unfounded. We fret and stew about a lot of things in our lives that never materialize. Any time you start to feel fear, just kick it out of the way. Courage is right behind it. Fear is a lie. Courage is the truth. The devil likes for us to be afraid. Fear keeps us weak and put limits on our love and life. Courage makes us unstoppable. There are no limits to love and life.

Yes, this life on earth is hard. It takes a lot of courage to endure it. But we will endure. We will be strong and overcome our struggles and hardships, and be better people for it.

Have courage friends. Next week, we get to celebrate the birth of the most courageous man who ever came to earth. The One who died for our sins: Jesus.

A Sign

Next week on December 21, there will be an amazing event in the evening sky. Jupiter and Saturn will pass by each other and produce a star similar to the Star of Bethlehem. Look to the heavens for your sign that the One whose birth we celebrate is still sitting on the throne in the kingdom. Bundle up the kids or grandkids and go outside with some hot chocolate, a flashlight and your Bible. Imagine you are the Magi, following that star. The Magi had the courage to go against the King’s orders and not return to give a report on the birth of the newborn baby. You can read about them in Matthew Chapter 2. Then read the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20. Notice the words, ‘Be Not Afraid.’

We don’t talk to our families enough about the amazing birth of Christ. Have courage. Be bold. Speak up. Teach your children about who Christ is and what He came to do. Do not be afraid.


One of my gifts of character is encouragement. I love to encourage others to live life to the fullest, to be better-versions-of-themselves. I love this word because ‘courage’ is right in the middle of it. –Think about it. Every time you help someone to feel better by encouraging them, you are offering them courage! Be an encourager. Lord knows, this year, we could all use it! You could send a card or two to some friends who are homebound, or someone who has lost a loved one during this pandemic. Schedule it in your planner. Get creative and start some new habits of encouragement.

What are some ways you can show more courage in your day? Choose something that you have been afraid of and list some ways that you can overcome it. If anything, pray for courage.

Get ready. Be courageous. Jesus is coming.

I am so thankful to my friends, family and the people I don’t even know who read this blog. I am amazed every day at how faithful God is in helping people to achieve their dreams. It just takes a little courage.

Merry Christmas, friends. God bless.–Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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  1. Thanks Barb for all your encouraging blogs! Great thoughts for reflection and improving one’s self. Merry Christmas to you and Jeff and your family! ❤

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