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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Trying to remember to water my plants is one of my habits.

What habits do you have? Good habits, bad habits? We have them both. We are creatures of habit. But I’ve learned over the years that in order to live life to the fullest, you have to constantly evaluate your habits and root out the bad ones.


This is the beginning of a new year. It’s a time for reflection and assessing how last year played out. Well, for me, this last year had some great moments for which I am very thankful, but it had more than it’s share of bad ones, too.

This was a year of learning what was really important in your life. — Family, health, relationships. I think we all realized there were some things in our lives that were unnecessary and other things that were very necessary.

That includes our daily habits. What were some of your habits that changed this year? Good and bad? Did you get up every morning and have a routine to prepare for your day? Is prayer part of your daily habit? Gratitude and Thanksgiving?

Prayer & Reflection

Have you been reflecting on what this year has really been about? A virus that contains us all in our homes. We are to be socially distanced. No large gatherings. What’s God’s plan in all of this? Could it be He is calling us all to some solitude and prayer? Is He reminding us that we need to be aware of what is important in life? The rushing and craziness of this life, the differences of opinion politically, all the strife. What are you learning from this pandemic?

I’m learning that there is nothing more important than prayer time. Nothing more important than spending time with my husband, children and grandchildren. I am cherishing each and every moment.

Did you stop going to church? Buildings were closed. People were and still are afraid to gather. Do you miss spending time with the Lord in worship? He has reminded me that He is as close as closed eyes and folded hands in prayer. He is never far and because I have not been able to go inside the church is no excuse to not be in conversation with Him. There is a spiritual connection that takes place when we call on His name. All we need to do is speak to Him..

Take Action

So let’s begin to change our habits. Let’s let go of those things that aren’t good for us. Pick up some new habits that will help us lead better, fuller lives. Make a list. Write them down so you can see them daily. Put them in your planner and actually schedule them. Practice them for 21 days. If you need some encouragement or accountability, send me a message on my Facebook page. I’d be happy to help.

2021 has got to be a better year. The first habit should be to start and end the day in prayer. Seek the Lord first. Close your eyes and fold your hands. Ask Him to help you change your habits and watch how He will change your life.

God bless.–Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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