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A Life of Fairness

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“Fair”ness. The fair is in August.

Today, we are talking about the character trait of fairness. Applying fairness to life is a challenge sometimes. Because, let’s face it, life isn’t always fair. And as my sister-in-law, Jeanie, used to say, “The fair is in August.”

We all would laugh when one of the kids would whine or complain and say, “that’s not fair!” Because Jeanie would always reply, “The fair is in August.” (referring to our county fair) She taught high school business classes and she would tell her students the same thing anytime someone would say something wasn’t fair. There was no whining or complaining allowed. She didn’t want to hear your excuses. She wanted to see results. Jeanie passed away at the age of 50 from cancer. –That definitely wasn’t fair.

Is it fair that one person dies from cancer and another recovers? Is it fair that one man drives a Mercedes and another a beaten up jalopy? What about people living on the streets without food and shelter? Do you deserve a large home and packed pantry more than they? Where is the fairness in that?

I believe life is all about choices. Sometimes we choose our circumstances, sometimes they are given to us, through no fault of our own, fair or not. How we deal with the life we’ve been given is in our choices. Sometimes, we are given more so that we can share what we have with others.

So in talking about fairness, yes, it is our responsibility to be fair and even generous when dealing with others and situations. There is a story in the Bible that speaks about fairness. It’s in Matthew 20:1-16 the parable of the workers in the vineyard. The workers all received the same pay whether they worked one hour or the whole day. How fair is that? Not very, by our standards. But this parable shows us that our standards are not God’s standards. He is generous and gracious to each and every one of us. Whether we are a new to the faith or long-time servant. He is fair on His own terms.

I believe in a loving God who calms our fears and helps us in times of whining and complaining. He draws us to Himself in our most difficult situations and circumstances, if we will just pay attention. It is in those times that He makes Himself known to us, making some sense of what this life means. So give Him your worries, your complaints, your whining.

Last year, there was no county fair in August because of COVID. I often wonder what Jeanie would say about all the whining and complaining now.

Make the best of every day, friends.

God bless.–Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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  1. awesome article about FAIR …AND fair is in August…so cute..she would say that all the time and I used it too..Miss her sooooo much and Jeff….thanks for your wonderful words, Bev H

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