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Hope Is the Anthem

One of my favorite t-shirts says, “Hope is the anthem of my soul.” Everybody’s gotta have hope, right? –Hopes and dreams for a better life and a better future?

My heart is heavy as I learned this past week, a young boy in our community seemingly lost all hope and took his own life. This past year and a half has been hard enough on the adults, let alone the effects it is having on our children. Isolation. Business and school closings. Elderly people left alone in their nursing facilities and homes. Jobs lost. Children home alone.

But we’re beginning to see a drop in COVID cases and vaccines are being given, so we’ve got to have hope that things will get better. We’ve got to believe even when life looks it’s worst, that there must be better days ahead. That’s hope.

Because believe it or not there is, even in death, a better time, a better place, a better life…and that hope is in Jesus Christ.

You may be wondering what life is all about. I do too, sometimes, especially in a year such as this one. But let’s hope in the better. Sometimes hope leads us to take action in areas where we can make a difference. That action can then bring hope to someone else. Actions are the chain link to hope.

Called to Hope

Jesus calls us to hope. He asks us to hope in Him. In my mind, it seems so simple. If everyone would just hope in Jesus, we would all get to eternal life. Isn’t that the hope we seek? But it’s not that simple for everyone.

I started writing because I wanted to help people live life to the fullest by teaching them about personal development and how to incorporate behaviors that would help them to be happier. But every time I sit down to write these days, I find myself compelled to point others to Jesus and talking about God because, friends, there is no happiness, no hope, no future outside of His love.

If you look around at all the stuff going on in this world, it can seem hopeless. In this terrible year of social distancing, we need more than ever to draw closer to God. And we need to show His love to others. We all need God’s love. So my hope is that we all start reaching out to others, mask or no mask, showing love time and time and time again.

Hope is the anthem of my soul. This may sound a little cheesy, but there is a song in my heart. It is an anthem and it sings for the Lord, the maker of Heaven and earth. This gives me hope that there is more than just this life. I pray that for you, too, and your children and grandchildren.

Action Steps

Here are some steps that can lead others to hope:

  • Let loved ones know how much you love them, daily, if possible.
  • Tell others how much God loves them.
  • Share your hopes and dreams for the future. Ask others about theirs.
  • Invite someone to church with you.
  • Do a small informal book study with a friend.
  • If you are really bold, pray with someone. Don’t just say, I’ll pray for you. Say a prayer right there.
  • Get involved. Volunteer in your community. Give back.

These are just a few actions steps to get started to bring hope to others. We have to make time for others. As with the other posts, schedule them in your planners and calendars. Practice them for 21 days till they become a habit.

God bless.–Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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