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F-Bombs and Language

burning bengal bombs on shabby surface
F-bombs are like cherry bombs: What the POW!! Who the WHAM!! How the BAM!!!

Let’s talk about f-bombs and our language. Our words make a difference. The words you choose to use will help you live life to the fullest.

One of the worst words ever created was the f-bomb. You know what word I’m talking about. I can’t even type it. Isn’t that just the vilest, most disgusting word you’ve ever heard? It’s one of pure hate, yet people spew it these days as if it is just another word in their vocabulary. We’ve become so desensitized to it.

Have you ever really thought about just what that word means exactly? That word is used to describe an act between two people, where love has been totally removed. It used to be that people were shocked at hearing it in conversations. Not anymore. It’s used quite frequently as an ordinary adjective these days and quite out of context. People have no idea what they are saying when they use it.

Trash In, Trash Out

One of my pet peeves is hearing that word out loud. It makes my skin crawl. I feel sad for the person who’s using it. Sad because their vocabulary has become so limited that they don’t know how to express their feelings. Sad because I now have lost a little respect for them. I know that I shouldn’t judge them, but my perception of them has changed somehow.

I always told my kids, “Trash in. Trash out.” What you allow into your mind eventually comes out of your mouth. As a child, I used to get soap in my mouth whenever my parents heard me use a curse word. So as an adult I threatened my kids with it. It only takes one mouthful of soap to cure that habit! Maybe this could work for adults, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Miss Perfect. It’s not that I’ve never said it. I was young and stupid quite a few times. I used to work in a factory. Environment plays a big part in influencing your language.

Making Room for Love

As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned a thing or two. When I became a Catholic, something changed in my heart. I became aware of my language. For me, there was no room for that word or other profanity in my heart, because Jesus was living there. Each bad word I had in my dictionary of words took away from words of love I could store there.

The Bible says that our bodies are a temple, a sacred space where we invite Jesus to live. There is no room for hate or vileness there. Since Jesus lives in me, I can’t allow that word to take residence there. What would He think about that?

Whatever you allow into your mind, will eventually make it out of your mouth. So fill your mind with good thoughts. Don’t allow negativity and evil a place in your mind because it could then spread to your heart. Your body is a temple where Christ should live. And He could never live where there is evil and hatred for He is holy.

Jesus is my Father. He is your Father, too. Let’s make Him proud of the way we talk to each other, about each other. Let’s find other words to use in our vocabulary instead of one’s full of hate and anger. It’s time to clean house!

You can control your tongue. Consciously take bad words out of your conversations. Make it a habit. Change your habits and you will change your life. Schedule this in your calendar/ planner for 21 days. Be mindful of the words you use. Watch how love will grow and how full your life will become.

God bless. –Barb


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