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Living Life to the Fullest

I write because I feel compelled to teach others about living life to the fullest. I’ve been given a gift and have to share it. I’m living my best life and you can, too. Now that doesn’t mean I have a lot of money and travel all over the world or do whatever I want. It simply means I enjoy the life I’m choosing to live in a way that makes me the happiest.


Writing comes easy for me. I’m a good speller and like putting my thoughts in writing. Once, in high school, I got a ‘D’ on a paper in a creative writing class. The teacher thought I had plagiarized it, but it was the story of my mother’s death and I didn’t have the heart to tell her, so I took the grade. My life, or actually my mother’s life is a book and someday I hope to write it. Writing is part of living my life to the fullest. It makes me happy and helps me express myself. I look forward to my Wednesday morning posts and sharing my gift. What is your gift?

The Past

Twelve years ago I worked for the YMCA as a youth and teen program director. Teaching kids about character was my passion then. The ‘C’ stood for Christian and so that also became my focus. I had always instinctively known that living according to God’s laws was the best way to live, but it wasn’t until then that I started really applying it to my life by teaching it to others. I began reading the Bible from front to back. It’s full of tips and hints about living life to the fullest with peace and joy. Peace and joy.–That’s been key for me. I’m my happiest self when I’m living in God’s will. What brings you peace and joy?

One of my fondest memories is getting baptized at the age of 7. The little country church was in the middle of nowheresville out here in the Midwest. But it had a small in-ground pool under the floor of the sanctuary that was filled with water for such occasions. My younger sister and I were getting baptized together. I probably just wanted see the pool. I mean, how cool is that? At 7, I was also pretty excited to wear a swimsuit to church! I still remember walking down the steps into the freezing yellow water and being dunked “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” That was the beginning of living life to the fullest with Christ. I would never be the same again.

Looking Back

As I look back over my life and realize just how far I’ve come, I also realize that God has been with me the entire time: in my youth, as a teen, when I got married in the Catholic Church, and when I joined the faith in 1994, and even now, working as the church secretary. God has had a hand in everything I’ve accomplished in my lifetime.

Have there been times in my life where I didn’t think God was there? You bet! But those were times when I wasn’t focused on Him and times where I walked away from the relationship. And I can clearly see it now, because even though I walked away, He was still there—He always is, patiently waiting for my return with His grace and mercy.

Connecting with God & Others

Do you know the secret to living life to the fullest? It’s a life fully connected to the living God, using the gifts and talents He has given you. They are given to us for a reason and a season. Develop them and use them to make a difference in the lives of others. Connect with Him, then connect with other people. Life is all about relationship with God and others.

Connecting with God is attained through prayer. Start there. Read your Bible and see what He requires. Then seek Him with your whole heart. Ask Him to reveal to you what He wants you to share with others and then share Him with everyone you can. You will be amazed at how full your life will become.

I hope you are encouraged to start living your life to the fullest. Schedule it in your planner and calendar and make it a priority. You can make a difference. Email me if you need help or just need a little encouragement to get started. Here is the link to my post on prayer and the prayer process.

God bless.–Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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