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More Than Just Getting By

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How’s your perception?

How is life going for you? Are you living it to the fullest or is it a little more than just getting by? Do you struggle just to get through the day? Some days all you can do is put your feet on the floor. But after your feet hit the floor, remember to be grateful that you are still here.

Life can be hard. For some, they wake up with the dread of another day. They feel they don’t have anything to look forward to. They have lost their joy and purpose. Many people suffer from depression and anxiety and they are just trying to get by. Others are dealing with life issues like health and wellness. It seems the world is spinning out of control sometimes, doesn’t it?

But is it really? Hasn’t there always been drama? Maybe now, it’s just because you are more aware, more focused on it because of your circumstances. Your perception of a certain situation is the key to more than just getting by. You have to change your perception.

Life is full of opportunities, if you perceive it to be. If you can look for them, they are out there. You can say nothing good ever happens to you and do the same things you’ve always done in the same way you’ve done them and get the same results you’ve always gotten. Or you can get out there and hit the ground running looking for your next big opportunity.

Is your perception a positive or negative one? When you have a glass of water filled halfway, is it half-full or half-empty? When you see dandelions in your yard, do you see weeds or do you see pretty yellow flowers that make a great salad and wine? –Yeah, that’s a thing.

Do you relate everything that comes your way to your past experiences? Sure, it’s good to learn from our mistakes, but doesn’t each new experience have its own merit? Just because something bad happened to you in the past, doesn’t mean that’s how it will turn out again. You learned from those mistakes.

Let’s leave the past where it belongs and start again. Change your perception and see where life will lead. Be adventurous, courageous, and bold.

Every week I write about character. Character is the lifeline to living a life well-lived. I have a whole page on my site devoted to character traits and many have links to the blog posts I’ve written about them. Pick a few that interest you and start incorporating them into your life daily. Schedule them in your planner/calendar. See if they don’t help you in living –more than just getting by. Live your life for all it has to offer. Our time here is short.

God bless–Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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