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Passionate About Life

What’s your passion? Do you have one or two? Is there anything in your life that gives you reason to get up in the morning? Is it life itself?

Passion is about taking an interest in something and turning that interest into a love.

I have many passions, many reasons to get up with a smile on my face every morning: My husband, my children, and grandchildren. I’m also passionate about my job, sewing and camping and Switchfoot. –I took my husband on a trip to San Diego one year just to go to their Bro Am event: Surfing and a concert on the beach! Yes, I’m passionate about Switchfoot, San Diego and sitting on a beach, watching people surf. I could retire doing that. These are the passions that put a zest in my step and meaning to my life. What are yours?

Take Action

Get out a piece of paper and write down the things you are passionate about. List them out. How many can you name? Spend a good half hour coming up with your list. If you don’t have many, then you need to start getting out and doing more things. Find new places, try new things. Meet new people. Plan your life around your passions. As with any character trait, you have to schedule it in your planner or calendar and practice it for 21 days.

There’s never been a better time in life than right now to find things to be passionate about. Coming off a pandemic year and heading into summer, we are just opening up in our state. How exciting! Jobs are plentiful and I think you could pretty much work wherever you want. So think about the kind of work you might have a passion for. There is so much to see and do! Don’t be ok just to continue to stay home and stay inside. Start with small steps, if you must, but just start! It will be worth the effort.

I see another trip to San Diego in my future and I’m going camping to a Switchfoot concert in July. Life is all about being passionate so live it to the fullest!

God bless.–Barb