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Letting Go, Letting God

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Letting go of past hurts and pain through forgiveness.

Sometimes my best inspiration comes from conversations with others. Today, we’re talking about letting go of past hurts and pain. It seems so simple, just let it go. Not so easy to do because there can be lots of love connected to those hurts.

There is a reason for our pain and suffering and the situations that God puts in our lives. He’s trying to get our attention. It can be for our benefit or the benefit of others but many times our situation is something that isn’t even about us, but about the other person. He may have a lesson for them that they need to learn down the road and we can get hurt in the process. Most times, all we can do is pray about it. I say, all, but prayer is a powerful start. Prayer is where answers come and miracles happen.

Personal development gurus will tell us to just to let go of toxic people. Don’t have anything to do with them. Avoid them. Easier said than done when that person is a member of your family.


Sometimes we just need to learn a little forgiveness. Why is it so hard to forgive? Why is it so hard to talk openly and honestly to those in our own families? How is it that our own children or relatives can just stop talking to us and not want to have anything to do with us? Hurt feelings and resentments left unspoken can fester and before you know it, it’s easier just to stop talking or seeing each other than to talk about what’s wrong or to try to reconcile.

Some people go years without talking to each other. I’m no stranger to this. I have someone in my family that I haven’t talked to. And I was reminded last night that she, too, is a good person, even though she isn’t good for me. God loves her and so should I. She deserves to be loved and forgiven, as we all do.

Jesus tells us to forgive, seventy times seven times. He never said to avoid your neighbor. He says to love your neighbor. Love, love, love. Even when it hurts, even if they don’t deserve it. Even if they don’t love us back. (Just to clarify–I’m not talking about abusive situations. — that’s never ok.)

Take Action

If there is someone in your life that you have been avoiding, or someone has been avoiding you, reach out to them. Tell them you are sorry. Tell them you forgive them or ask them to forgive you. Talk out your problems with love.

To start, send a card, a note or small gift. Let them know you want to make amends. Invite them over for dinner. And if they still aren’t willing to listen, talk or forgive, then you may have to let it go, and let God.

Letting people go from your life can be just like a death. Go ahead and grieve. But don’t stay stuck in your sorrow. Don’t take on any guilt or beat yourself up. Know that you did all you could. Forgive them again and then you have to move on. Choose to live your best life the best you can and trust that God has a plan. We may not be able to see it, but know that He’s there, working behind the scenes. Then, continue to pray for your loved ones, and pray for God to soften the hardness of their hearts.

Choose to forgive. Choose to pray. Like all my posts, schedule it in your planner or calendar. Practice it for 21 days to make it a habit. Watch how it will change your life.

Thanks to sweet Nancy who was my inspiration. I didn’t save you, sweet sister, you saved me. You never know how God will use you and your story to impact someone else’s life. Thank you:)

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God bless.–Barb


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  1. Your late parents would be so proud of you . I am proud of you and I know God is too. 🥰 Your blogs are very well articulated.

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