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It’s Just A Game

Hanging out with friends and family puts life in perspective.

It is day 21 of the 100 Day Challenge and we’re living life to the fullest! Today we’re talking about perspective. How is your’s?

Have you ever been bowling? Now there’s a fun game. Not only do you try to roll the ball down an oily lane to hit the head pin but you try to better your score and work as a team to beat the score of the other team. It can be frustrating and exhilarating at the same time, depending on your skill level and your perspective. lol.

Boom Boom, Out Go the Lights

Last week, my sister-in-law was having the game of her life when in the 7th frame, the power to the whole bowling facility went out. 5 strikes in a row, a spare and then everything shut down. It was out for like 2 seconds and came back on. Everyone’s scores were lost, because we keep score electronically now, and we couldn’t finish the game because rebooting all those monitors could cause major problems. Talk about disappointment and inconvenience!

We were all standing around in disbelief: what just happened? The drama of it all. lol. But what was Rhonda’s response? “It’s ok. It’s just a game.” She had the right perspective. She will bowl other games. Who knows maybe her next game will be 6 strikes in a row. I do know that if this had happened during a League night, with some money on the line, there would have been many upset bowlers.

Real Danger

I remember not too long yago when a tornado came through the Dayton area and the local meteorologist interrupted the television programming to warn people. There were people who complained on social media that they didn’t get to see the bonus round on Wheel of Fortune. The weatherman blew his stack and gave the viewers a ‘what for’ about the importance of saving peoples’ lives during bad weather. He had the right perspective and his two seconds of fame as his response got covered by national news.

In the big scheme of things, our little game didn’t matter. No one’s life was in danger. Sometimes we all need a little reminder about perspective, about things that don’t really matter: Bowling games, tv shows. What did matter was that the owner of the bowling alley didn’t burn out all his equipment through a power surge when everything restarted at once. That could have been a big expense.

Spending time with family and friends, that’s what matters. –And the fun we’ll have sharing the stories of the game that almost was.

Action Steps

So how’s your perspective? Next time something unexpected happens and you’re a little inconvenienced, (ie: someone cuts you off in traffic, standing in long lines at the grocery) check your perspective. Count to 10, breathe in, breathe out. Make a mental note and remember what’s really important in the big scheme of life. Your health will thank you for it.

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God bless–Barb