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Ooh, ooh! Ooh, ooh! I know!

As part of my 100 day challenge, I’m going on a spiritual retreat this week, so I’m re-posting the blog that gets visited the most on the website. Hope you like it:)

I might be showing my age, but I remember watching a weekly television show called Welcome Back Kotter. It starred actors Gabe Kaplan, John Travolta and Ron Palillo. Ron played the character Arnold Horshack, a student who always had his hand up in the classroom, screaming, “Ooh, ooh! Ooh, ooh! I know!”

Sometimes I feel like Arnold. I see so many families struggling today. People who don’t know why their lives are such a mess. They don’t have money. No good jobs. They don’t have time for their kids. My hand is up. “Ooh, ooh! Ooh, ooh! I know! I can help!”


Life experiences teach us many things. I remember as a young adult, I was working in a bar and an old gentleman who had a reputation for being the town drunk brought in an application for a college grant and told me that I could do better. He told me to go to college and do something more with my life. (How many of us have the courage to say something like this to someone we know?). But he could see that I needed to change my circumstances.

I followed his advice and went to school. Then, while in college, I ran up quite a lot of credit card debt. I learned first hand how collection agencies work. That debt doesn’t just go away. Credit card interest can add up to more than the purchases were ever worth. It ended up being a great life lesson about paying cash for what you want, learning to save and getting out of debt.


Over the years, I’ve been given lots of advice and I’ve given my fair share. Listening to advice helped me figure out what’s important in life. Finding work, doing something you love or are passionate about is also important. I’m passionate about helping others through service, character building and leadership training.

In writing this blog, I’m not here to be self-righteous or trying to be better than anyone else. My goal is to be an influencer. I’m hoping to inspire others to be a better-version-of-themselves, each day better than the day before. I want to offer help through my worksheets and quotes from people of character. I’m offering teachable moments for anyone wanting to learn. Because, if we’re honest, who doesn’t want to be better, happier, and feel more connected to life?

These posts just scratch the surface of how to live a fuller life. Each week we’ll dig a little deeper. The worksheet attached to the weekly blog can help you focus and create better habits. We have to want to improve and develop better habits before we can change our lives. Start journaling and thinking about what that looks like for you.

I’m in this for the long haul. I hope you’ll follow along. So ooh, ooh! Ooh, ooh! I know! My hand is in the air. If you need advice, I’m here. You can find me on FaceBook @blogbybarb, Character & Virtue; email or leave a message, but you can sign up for the blog on this page. Here’s a worksheet to get you started. Download the Time Tracker Worksheet.

God bless. —Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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