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Happiness Is…..

My happiness is found here.
My happiness is found here.

It seems everyone is seeking happiness these days. What is happiness? If you follow my blog you know I write a lot about living life to the fullest and being happy through character traits and virtues. But the truth is, happiness is all about having Jesus Christ in your life.

Happiness Isn’t…

Some people think being a good person is enough to be happy. Doing good deeds for others is admirable, but it’s not enough. Kindness is not enough. Caring is not enough. There aren’t enough good deeds that need doing that will make you happy. Doing good for others is the beginning of Love, the beginning of selflessness. But there is more.

People think having money or power or fame will make you happy. So they work themselves to death. Happiness has still eluded them.

I recently watched a TedTalk video from an “expert” about just what it means to be happy. The lady did a bunch of research about meaningful work and a life that matters. She failed to research anything about church or God. Being happy is more than feeling happy. There is so much depression and sadness today for one simple reason: People are not connected or in relationship with the living God, Jesus Christ. What if that fixed everything? It seems so simple doesn’t it?

I told my husband last night I was having trouble thinking about what I should write. He said I should write about how crazy people have become. Yes, that’s true. If you look at the world, you watch the news, nothing looks good. People drive like maniacs on the road. There is division in politics, division among friends and neighbors about mandates. Mental health problems are at an all time high. The rich get richer and the poor are poorer. Homelessness is a problem in many big cities. People are chanting obscene words against a president. Happiness has left the building. People are crazy.

Who Can You Depend On

I’ve been studying personal development now for more than 20 years. Many of the gurus who write and teach on the subject have great ideas on how to be a better person. Not many of them write about how to be a better Christian. They all seem to have the answers to a happy life but fall short on the true source of happiness. (On occasion, I have contacted them to give them a clue. lol.) But yet they write another book, have another course, or seminar. They make a lot of money trying to sell you their version of happiness. And their ideas are great, don’t get me wrong. But they haven’t fixed anything. There are still so many people hurting everywhere.

So don’t depend on anything or anyone else in this life to make you happy. Your family will bring happiness many times, but not always. They weren’t created to make you happy. Everything in life doesn’t always go smoothly. Marriages fall apart. People disappoint us. They die. We all die. That’s a fact. Life can seem very bleak if you have no hope.

The True Source

Happiness is Jesus Christ. It is a relationship with Him. It seems so simple, yet so many people avoid it. Why is that? We look for happiness in all these other things, why not Christ? We are living in an age where people aren’t going to church. They aren’t even willing to show up to work!

Peace and happiness come from Christ. the Bible says so. The Bible is the only book I know that has stood the test of time. The New Testament was first published in 1582.

I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.

John 16:33

So yesterday was a pretty amazing day. In the morning, we had a funeral Mass for a dear lady who used to walk to church for daily Mass. Then, later that evening, we celebrated Mass for a young lady and brought her into the Church through Baptism, 1st Communion and Confirmation. Both were beautiful ceremonies. The full circle of life in Christ. One was 88. The other 24. Both of these people recognized the importance of Christ in their lives.

Action Steps

Are you happy? What is the source of your joy? Do you wake up every morning grateful for another day, happy to be alive? Christ is the way, the truth and the life. He is the source of joy and happiness. I encourage you to revisit your church. 1)Step into the sanctuary and ask God to bring you His peace and happiness. Seek Him with your whole heart. If you don’t have a church, find a place to worship and go every Sunday! Don’t be picky. There are plenty of churches. (My personal favorite, though, is the Catholic Church.) 2)Get out your Bibles and just read the Psalms or start with the New Testament. 3)Pray every day.

I just put a new app called Hallow on my phone. It’s pretty amazing. There are prayers to help you sleep at night along with meditations, Bible stories, and music. It’s just one of many resources available to help us get connected with Christ. We have no excuses. Find something that works for you.

I appreciate you. I pray for all of you. Thanks for following along. May Christ be your source for happiness.

God bless.–Barb