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Holy Moments

A Very Holy Moment

I’m re-posting last year’s blog. I’ll be taking the week off from writing to grab a few holy moments with family and friends. Jesus came that we might have life to live it to the fullest. He is the reason for the season. Celebrate life!

This week’s character word is holiness. How fitting as we celebrate the birth of the Holy One. What exactly is holiness and how do we get there?


The dictionary says the definition of holiness “is to be holy”. Well, that helps! –Holiness is about total devotion to God. To sanctify yourselves, to live a holy life. It is something that is sacred and cherished. You might think that is a big task and unattainable, only meant for certain saints. But God calls us all to be holy and we can be. Here’s how I think it works:

Pure Joy

I like to scroll through the photos on my phone. Pictures of my husband and granddaughters, my son and his new bride, my daughters, friends, places I’ve been, things I’ve experienced. The pure love and joy that emanates from faces is priceless. They exude holiness to me. These are what I call ‘holy moments.’ Those moments where time stands still, when there is no pain, no criticism, no worry. Just pure joy given from God above. What are your holy moments? Scroll through your photos. I bet you have them.

Our lives can be full of holy moments. One holy moment after another. They become holy when we realize they are gifts from God. Focus on those. Think on those things. Live a life full of joy! Appreciate every one of them. Give thanks.


There are holy moments in pain and suffering too. Those times in our lives when we are hurting can draw us closer to God, if we seek Him. Without pain and suffering, we wouldn’t appreciate the joy. Working at the church, helping families with funerals, I’ve learned to see death as a holy moment. God comforts those who are mourning.

Holy moments are all around us. Each day can be filled with holy moments. We just have to be present and realize they are right in front of us. We create them by acknowledging that the One who created the heavens and earth is in each and every one of them.

Miraculous Moment

Mary was probably worried and in pain riding on that donkey, anxious about where she would be able to bear her son. A stable is not the most glamorous or greatest smelling place to give birth, but it sure was a holy moment for her and all of us. The Savior of the world was born. Joy to the world!! Let us celebrate this miraculous Holy Moment.

Here’s to the holy moments in your life. Merry Christmas, friends.

God bless–Barb

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