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Make It a Great Day!

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Go ahead and make someone’s day! Read on!

I tend to say “Make it a great day” a lot because I don’t want to leave it to chance. Talk is cheap but actions speak louder than words and those words have a powerful punch. Don’t just have a great day, make it a great day for yourself and others. How do you do that, you ask? Read on friends.

Today happens to be one of my favorite holidays: Administrative Professionals Day. A holiday for all the secretaries, or administrative assistants, as they like to be called these days. If you don’t know me, I’ve been a secretary now for 10 years at my church and am enjoying every minute of it! Every day is a chance to make someone’s day..for God. Having a great day is all about making it great for others. There’s a deep joy you receive when you treat someone like they are the most important person you’ve ever met.

So today, I’m issuing all of my readers a challenge. For the next 21 days, I’d like you to join me in celebrating others. And not just a little celebration, but a lot of celebration. We don’t tell enough other people that we appreciate them. Let’s do something extraordinary every day for the next three weeks to make someone’s day. Be ridiculously generous. Whether it is a gift or a card, a flower or a simple thank you, I’d like you to let someone know, everyday for the next 21 days that you appreciate them. It can be the same person (a great way to improve your relationship) or someone different every day, you decide.

Take Action

So get out a sheet of paper and make a list of the 21 people whose day you could make great. Next to their names, pick something you could do for them to make it great and then do it. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. But put a little thought into it. Put a reminder on your phone. Put it in your calendar/planner. You’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel and how great it makes your day!

Do you eat at the same restaurant on a regular basis? Tip the waitress a little more today. Put something in the mailbox for the postman who delivers your mail. Do you know someone who goes above and beyond in their work? Buy them a coffee or sweet treat. Have a friend who has small children? Offer to watch his/her children for an hour or two. Know a great volunteer? Do something special to thank them for their devotion to your cause.

People love to be appreciated, not that they do it for the accolades, but it sure is nice to receive one every now and then.

Leave a comment below. Let me know one thing you have in mind to do this week. I’ll let you know that I’m treating everyone in my office today to some delicious cheesecake from a local bakery! Yum!

Thanks for following along. I really appreciate you!

God bless.–Barb