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Building relationships

How are you at building relationships? Do you have a number of close friends and family? Do you have deep conversations or do you just skim the surface with small talk? Are you feeling connected and fulfilled?

Whether or not we are happy in life correlates, I think, to the state of our current relationships in life and is a reflection of our relationship with God, the Father.


Building relationships is the meat of life. We were created for relationship with God and others. The two greatest commandments are found in the Bible, the 22nd chapter of Matthew: to love God and our neighbor. Love suggests a deep connection and relationship, so that is where we can start. Many of the problems in life stem from the fact that too many of us aren’t connected or even building a relationship with our Father.


If we want meaningful and deep relationships with others, we have to start with the One who created us. As a Catholic, I’ve been strengthening and building my relationship with Jesus the past few years by visiting Him in Adoration at my church. The photo above is a monstrance what Catholics believe to be the consecrated body of Christ. It is on the altar and we give Him the utmost reverence during our time in Adoration.

I spend an hour every week just sitting in His presence which is so transforming! At first, it seemed a little awkward, just sitting in silence, but now, as we’ve gotten to know each other better, there is so much to talk about! And the funny thing is, I don’t have to say a word.

Action Plan

You don’t have to be a Catholic to go to Adoration. Just find a Catholic Church near you and step inside for a little while. When you do, you will feel a welcoming holiness in His presence. There is a definite difference in between prayer and Bible study at home and prayer and study in a church that believes in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Talk to your Catholic friends about it and try it for yourself. Take a Bible and read Scripture. Journal your thoughts. You have to make the time by scheduling it in your calendar and putting it in your planner to make it a habit.

When you build on your relationship with God, the other relationships in your life will improve as well. God bless you. Thanks for following along. –Barb


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