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It’s Called Honor

It’s a new year and I’ve got a new character trait. It’s called honor. The dictionary says to honor someone is to hold them in high esteem. Let’s start 2023 with the habit of honoring.

Honoring God

I had the opportunity to watch the The Chosen, season three, episodes 1 & 2 in the theatre a while back. Talk about honor! At the end of the 2nd episode the twelve apostles gather in a circle, arms around each other, shoulder to shoulder, and they start praying a psalm together. The power that came from that scene with those men praying and honoring God was probably nothing compared to the real power the apostles had. There they were, gathered together before God, ready to begin their missions, praying the 3rd Psalm with eyes closed. It was so moving. Fast forward to the Monday Night Football Bengals, Bills game.

The scene from the football field in Cincinnati was similar, those men all kneeling, praying for the young man who was receiving CPR. It was a moving reminder that when push comes to shove, in the reality of life and death, we all know what’s really important, WHO it is who answers prayer, the HONOR given to the ONE who deserves the bended knee on the football field. That was the testament we’ve been waiting for, for all the country to see. No controversy there. We honor God.

Honoring Others

Let’s also honor others like those we love. Let’s hold others in high esteem by honoring life in the womb and the elderly, the orphan, the widow, the homeless, the poor. Honor those who serve, like those willing to risk their lives in the military and those in our police forces, our firefighters and first responders. We honor others.

Honoring God’s Word

Honor God’s word by reading the Bible on a consistent basis. Memorize prayers and passages so that in times of trial and tribulation, you have it tucked away in your brain and can recall it at any moment. How many times when things come our way do we give in to despair and hopelessness instead of reaching for Scripture with all its wealth of encouragement and promise?

This week, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI passed away at the honorable age of 95! He was known to be one of the greatest minds in the church’s 2000 year history! His book, Introduction to Christianity, is a classic. He helped to oversee the drafting of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Is it a coincidence that it is the number one podcast this week with The Catechism in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz? –Not a coincidence, but God’s honorable timing.

Let’ practice honor this year. Find ways to honor God and others. Put it in your planner. Schedule it in your calendar. You honor me by following along on these blog posts. I appreciate you. May God richly bless you this year.–Barb


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