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One Hundred and Seventy

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It’s not a magical number, but today I’m celebrating. I’ve written one hundred and seventy blogs! I started writing in September of 2019 on a whim.

I’ve always admired people who teach personal development. I’ve been following great teachers like Matthew Kelly, Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, John Maxwell and of course, Zig Ziglar for quite a while. And I’ve thought, “I can do that.” And so I started blogging.

I don’t have a large audience. There aren’t hundreds of thousands who follow me and I don’t have any products to sell, yet. But maybe someday. Today, there are 333 people who read my blog and if I write just one thing that helps or inspires one person to change their habits and change their life, it is worth it to me.

One hundred and seventy of anything is amazing, isn’t it? It means you showed up to do the hard thing, time and time again. One hundred and seventy times, to be exact. Think about this in terms of something you are trying to accomplish. What is that hard thing you want to do? That thing, that if you practiced it one hundred and seventy times, could improve or even change your life? Is it exercise, saving money, going to church, prayer, a good book? It could be anything. What is it for you?

Action Steps

Whatever that “thing” is for you, I want you to write it down. Journal it. Put it in your planner or calendar. Schedule it one hundred and seventy times. I did. And I just showed up every week and started typing. I read books on personal development, listened to podcasts, signed up for newsletters and read some more books. You can do it, too. You have to do the research and the work. But if it is a priority for you, you will make it happen.

And what a confidence-builder it has been for me. I stepped outside my comfort zone this past year and submitted an article for a magazine. It has pushed me to try bigger things. I want that for you, too. Because if I can do this, you can too. You can apply this to any area of your life where you want to change or create better habits. It’s that simple. Just show up each and every time, week after week, even when you don’t feel like it.

One hundred and seventy seems like a big number until you are where I am. I have them all under my belt. They are in the past and I’m moving on to the next one, looking forward to three hundred and forty. All of those guys that I have admired have said that if you have 10,000 hours in, you are considered an expert. That may be my next goal.

We’ll see what the future holds till then. I’m excited about what it could mean and where it may take me. And I’m excited for you.

I hope you will still be following along. You can always sign up to get this delivered right to your email I appreciate you. God bless.–Barb


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  1. Thank you, Barb! Your way with words is such a beautiful blessing. Thank you for sharing your gift. Love you, Marcia

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