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On the Outer Banks

It’s fun to take a vacation, to get out of Dodge for awhile. This week I’m visiting the Outer Banks with the husband. This was a spur of the moment, impulse trip and not one well planned out. But we’re going to make the most of it while we’re here, because that’s just how we roll on the Outer Banks.

Vacations are where our true character shows up, isn’t it? I mean, after 12 hours in the car traveling with anyone, you are at your best and your worst, with all the driving and direction giving. We are learning that we don’t drive like young maniacs anymore.

My husband and I couldn’t be more different when it comes to vacation destination! His mission is to get to the destination and he will drive like a bat out of you know where till he gets there. I, on the other hand, want to stop for lunch and a bathroom break at least once. But that’s the fun in traveling. We learn that we have to make concessions for others. It’s not always about me.

Make It Great

The Outer Banks, or OBX, if you’re cool, is really ‘out there’. An island surrounded by water on both sides. And I understand it’s going to be colder than the 78 degree temps I left in Ohio. What was I thinking? –I don’t know, but I’m ready for whatever adventures come my way. This is vacation and I’m going to make the most of it. That’s what it’s about: whatever your circumstances, you have to make it great.

So far, it’s been surprising. We went to this packed seafood restaurant called “Henry’s”, which was perfect for my seafood-loving husband. His nickname also happens to be “Henry”. He was named Henry by his siblings after watching an episode of Gunsmoke. It seems Festus had a cousin who was a little accident-prone and Jeff knocked over the popcorn. Hmmm.

Another nice thing about the Outer Banks is that they have some claim to fame with the Wright Brothers from Dayton. Kitty Hawk Memorial is right down the street and it’s worth a look.

There seems to be a lot to do here in the Outer Banks. It’s become somewhat touristy and you can shop till you drop on the main drag or hang glide over the waters. There are wild horses and Jeeps on the beach and lighthouses galore.

I will continue to fill you in on the adventure, if you’re up for it. I’ll probably post a couple more times this week with a few pics. This is a great way to document our trip and I seem to still be on my schedule of waking up at 5am.

Thanks for following along. I appreciate you. God bless.–Barb


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