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Quirks and Jerks

It’s tough getting old. You can’t do all the things you used to do when you were younger. Your body doesn’t move like it did then, either. Try as you might, those bones ain’t what they used to be. You must learn to adapt, do things differently and live with your quirks and jerks.

Nothing is more evident than when you go on vacation. You are no longer the young babe in the two piece swimsuit playing and diving for volleyballs on the beach. You are now content to watch others doing these things. (Although, I never did play volleyball on the beach when I was young., lol.)

You stroll the beach now and calf and feet muscles take a beating. You also make sure you leave some kind of marker behind where your hotel is so that you don’t get lost because all the hotels look the same.

Thank goodness for maps on our phones, and that lady who is directing our every move, telling us at which stoplights to turn. My husband has a paper atlas which is at least 30 years old. He likes to pull it out every now and then. It doesn’t update automatically. I’m sure some of those roads on the maps don’t even exist anymore.

Driving on the highways is even better. We can drive as fast as we want and there are still people who will fly around us as if we are standing still. I guess those speed signs are just suggestions.

Now, when riding three hours in the car, your hands and feet start to fall asleep. Your back and neck need realignment and bathroom stops are a frequent must. You are as stiff as the guy in the photo above. (Photo taken at Wright Brothers Memorial) The quirks and jerks of getting older are a reality.

All joking aside, getting older is such a blessing, even though our bodies may be telling us otherwise. We learn so much from living life and going through experiences. We get to experience joy and laughter as well as pain and sorrow. These all have a purpose in our lives, if we are tuned in. They should all draw us closer to the One who created us for His purpose.

We are all searching for something in this life and some of us fill it with stuff and things and people or money. What is your “thing”? What is that thing that fills your heart? Let it be love for Jesus. The quirks and jerks of life will be so much easier to take.

Thanks for following along. I appreciate you! God bless.–Barb


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