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Grateful for This Day!

I remember a great sign I read outside a bar one time: “It’s attitude adjustment time.” Sometimes we all need an attitude adjustment, don’t we? When I say we, I’m including me. It’s easy to fall into the trap of complaining and not being grateful.

We have become such an ungrateful nation, a spoiled culture. We have so much, yet, we are so unhappy. Why is that? Our homes are full, our bellies are full, and our lives are fuller. What is going on? I believe it all comes from being ungrateful.

What is your gratitude level? Did you wake up this morning, put your feet on the floor and thank God for this new day? Your level of gratitude has a lot to do with how well your day’s going to go. We have to learn to be grateful for this day and every day!

It’s a Habit

Gratitude is a habit. It is something you have to be intentional about. Creating a habit of gratitude first thing in the morning sets yourself up to have a positive outlook on the day. All along your day, look for the good things that come your way and say thank you. Don’t focus on the bad.

A habit of gratitude helps you to be mindful of others. It is a force for love to help you to serve them. It is a daily reminder of what God is setting before us and the gifts He is giving us. He has a plan for your day, for your life. How are you going to show up for others? Are you showing up grateful? Are you thankful for all circumstances?

What does a grateful you look like? Can others tell that you are? Do you walk around with a smile on your face? Show others what gratitude looks like. Model it. Help them be grateful, too. Teach others what gratitude can do for them.

Action Steps

To put this into practice, annoy the heck out of everyone by saying thank you for everything and mean it. Maybe it will start to rub off on others around you and an attitude of gratitude will catch on.

Start each day by making a list of 100 things you are grateful for. It may seem hard at first, but keep at it every day until it becomes easy to list them all. And then look over your list and watch how it will change as you grow in gratitude. Watch how YOU will change.

Then show others what gratitude looks like. Tell the people in your life that you appreciate them. Don’t just keep it to yourself. Spread it around. Give others a reason to be grateful for you. I have it in my calendar on my phone. Several times a day a reminder will pop up with questions: “Who are you going to be today?” “How are you going to show up?” They are my gratitude cues. You can set things up in your calendars, too, to remind you of who you want to be.

When you have gratitude, you will fully experience what the Bible talks about as the fruit of the Spirit. These fruits are all a result of being grateful. These are gifts from God when we give him our thanks.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Galatians 5:22-23

True Happiness

True happiness lies in our hearts. It is within each and every one of us. It begins with gratitude and leads us to love for God and our neighbors. We begin by just being grateful for this day!

No one is ever promised tomorrow. Each day is a gift. Be grateful that you woke up today. How can you show that gratitude to others?

I’m starting my day by appreciating you! Thanks for following along. I’m grateful that you are here reading this blog today. May God bless your day, may you be a blessing to others and may you be grateful for it all!. –Barb