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Taking Back Sunday

That’s right. I’m taking back Sunday. It’s my day of rest. My day with the Lord and my family and I’m taking it back. My family has been notified that any Sunday they may come to our home for a meal and good conversation.

I’ve been listening to a daily rosary meditation, called School of Faith. Their motto is, “friendship, good conversation and the rosary.” That’s what I want to get back to: relationship and good conversation. Hanging out together, sharing a meal, and just doing life together on Sunday.

Our Phones

I come from a generation that didn’t grow up with a phone in their hand. My phone was connected to a wall in the house. It didn’t follow me everywhere. It was a time when you weren’t at everyone’s beck and call and you did other things when you had a free minute or two.

Put down the phones! Stop the madness, the addiction. It’s draining our energy and causing so many of us to be exhausted. It’s the reason we can’t sleep at night, the reason so many of us compare ourselves to others and make judgements of others all day long.

So let’s just take one day a week to get some relief. Why not Sunday, God’s day of rest? We’re taking back Sunday, where we unplug from all our devices and spend quality time in relationship with our families and loved ones.

Do you know how many times you pick up your phone in a day? –hundreds. Check the screen time in your phone settings. What’s the most used app on your phone? It’s good to be mindful and aware of what your daily habits are. These phones can be addictive. They can cause us to waste so much precious time, time that can be spent in real conversations with friends and loved ones.

Social media can be a great tool to keep me in contact with family and friends who don’t live close by. I use my Character & Virtue and church page to share what I’m working on, but that cannot be my excuse to scroll, scroll, scroll. It’s an easy distraction and the next thing you know, I’m watching commercials for things I don’t need. I need to be intentional and follow up with real calls, in person visits, if possible, and meaningful conversations.

Action Steps

So I’m taking back Sunday and you can, too. Invite family and friends over and make it an every Sunday tradition. Don’t have friends close by? Invite your neighbors or someone from your church.

Choose to put down your device for one day and gain some freedom to enjoy life uninterrupted. See if it doesn’t also improve your sleep.

Gain some personal freedom. Be you. Be the person that God created you to be. Don’t let social media create a version of you that is constantly comparing your life with others because there is no one like you. Your life is your own, given to you with gifts only God can give. He is constantly drawing us to Himself as long as we can hear His still small voice. Don’t let the noise of the world from a phone drown it out.

This is the part where I usually say, “schedule it in your planner, put it on your calendar”. But don’t put it in your phone as a reminder. Put the phone down for a day. Let Sunday just happen.

God bless. I appreciate you! –Barb


Wife, mother, church secretary, seamstress, child of God.

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