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Charity Begins at Home

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My husband is getting ready to have ‘outpatient’ knee replacement surgery. (isn’t that wild, that we can replace a knee and go home the same day?) Assuming the role of nurse is not one I am particularly good at, mind you, but one I willingly accept, because charity begins at home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a video before you get married of all the things that you will encounter in married life? When we are get older, we move from “in” love to in “love”. As a young adult, I never considered what 39 years of married life would entail when I said “I do.” None of us do, but getting there has been a blessing, through the good and the bad.

Marital Charity

We learn so much through our experiences and we can learn much more by watching others. Lately, I’ve been watching other older couples at my parish and paying close attention to how they take care of each other and it is really so endearing.

One couple in particular comes to the church weekly for adoration in the early evening. The wife arrives with her husband in tow and she helps him out of the car. She gets his walker and helps him into the church. He moves very slowly but she is so patient and he is so grateful. I assume this is how it is everywhere they go, even at home. What marital charity!

The selflessness, care and love they share is amazing. It is honorable and saintly. It is exactly what I need to grow in my relationship with God and deepen my relationship with my spouse. I am sure that it will help me in my quest for heaven.

But it isn’t just meant for me, my husband will benefit, too. He will learn to be a good patient, to let others take care of him through his pain and suffering. As we get older, we will have to learn to depend on others to take care of us. That can be hard and humbling because we like to be in control.

We spend our whole lives thinking we are in control and we may have some control for awhile but as we age, we lose it all. We get to the point where we have to depend on God and others for everything.

When we were babies, we depended on our parents to take care of us. We worked so hard to become independent in our lives only to become dependent again. God has a sense of humor in this circle of life, doesn’t he?

So considering that charity begins at home, how can we learn to be more charitable with our loved ones?

Action Steps

-Make a sacrifice of your time. This week do something for someone in your home that puts you outside your comfort zone. Take turns serving each other whether that is dinner or taking on the chores you don’t normally do.

-Give up some of your free time for someone in your family. Spend time with them caring for them. It could be a good back rub or massage for your spouse or a night watching grandkids for their tired parents.

-Open your home to someone who is lonely. Invite them to dinner and some good conversation. It could be someone who recently lost a spouse or other loved one.

-Spend the time you use for scrolling on the internet to play a board game with your spouse. Learn a new card game together.

Putting others first isn’t hard once you practice it. Put it in your planner. Schedule it in your day. Make it a habit.

If you are the one on the receiving end of charity, be gracious and thankful for the efforts of your loved ones. Let them know you appreciate them. There will be many opportunities for you to reciprocate their love.

It is so important to love those whom God has given to us. Charity begins at home. He will bless you for your efforts. Thanks for following along. God bless. –Barb


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  1. Great article, Barb! It is easy to care for others when you know that is part of your purpose in life. Praying that all goes well and Jeff has a speedy recovery. 🙏

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