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Introduce Yourself

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How are you at meeting new people? Do you make friends easily? Summertime is a time where we get outside and meet others. This week I’m challenging you to get out and introduce yourself to some new people.

A gentleman recently was talking with me about how all the good women with values are taken. Surely not! He’s having a hard time meeting new women in the dating scene. I noticed he didn’t get out of his chair at this party. That’s not going to help him meet anyone.

When you go to a party, do you walk around the room and introduce yourself to people you don’t know? Step outside your comfort zone. Be friendly.

At a recent community gathering, a lot of people brought chairs to sit in. —And they just sat in them the whole time. Where is the art of meeting new people? In making conversation and new friends?

Action Steps

When you go to music events, get up and dance. Move around. Find people you know and talk to them. Introduce yourself to their friends. It’s good to mingle. Life is about relationship with others.

Ask questions. Find something you have in common and talk about it. Conversations are good. Most people are awesome and caring. You never know what friendships are waiting around the corner.

Too many people are isolated and feel lonely, today. Let’s get out there and help them feel like they matter. Your challenge this summer is to make it a habit to mingle when you go to gatherings. Be kind while you unwind.

It’s a short post this week. I’m playing nurse. The husband’s surgery went extremely well and therapy is too. (So thankful for that.). Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

If you see me out and about, know that I am always happy to stop and say hello to you. God bless your day. Thanks for following along. –Barb


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  1. My kids say I don’t know a. Stranger 😊 glad to hear Jeff doing well. Give him a hug from me and he must listen to his nurse 🤣💜

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