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Grandma with the Guns

My oldest daughter called last week to tell me that her soon to be four-year-old son was having a hard time distinguishing between which grandparents’ house they were going to go when she said, ‘Get in the car. Let’s to go to Grandma Pequignot’s.’ He hasn’t associated last names with grandparents yet. He has only associated things with people. And so he asked, “The grandma with the puppy or the grandma with the guns?”

I happen to be the ‘grandma with the guns’.

One year for Christmas, I bought 6 laser tag guns for all the grandkids to play with. I wanted to make sure that each grandchild had one. So when they come over, we get out the laser guns which are very loud, but oh so much fun and we play. LOL. –Hence the name ‘Grandma with the Guns.’

So glad he isn’t in school yet to relay that to his teachers.

Now I’m thinking I might want to get a sign to hang by the front door of the house to keep prowlers away or maybe even a nice license plate for the front of the Jeep! But then again, nobody else will think it’s funny. It would probably get me into trouble.

Kids say the funniest things. And when they do, write them down. Put them in a journal somewhere.

This week, I’m keeping it short and sweet. There’s so much fun to be had and so much life to live. Another child and grandchild’s birthdays and a nephew’s wedding along with a family reunion… all in the same week! Get out and love the people God has put in your life and if you can’t get out, invite them in to you.

Hope you are all having a great summer! I appreciate you. God bless.–Barb


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