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When I Look at You, I See Jesus

I was scrolling through my social media feed and came across someone’s obituary. As I was reading all the nice things being said about this woman, in my head I was saying to myself that I don’t want any of these nice superficial words to be said about me. When I die, I want them to say that when they saw me, they saw Jesus.

I want people to remember me and my kindness, for sure, but I want friends and family to feel that I radiated Jesus; His light and His love. I know, that’s a pretty tall order, but that’s what I’m striving for. How about you? What do you want people to say about you? What legacy do you want to leave?

Seeing Jesus in Each Other

Mother Teresa saw Jesus in the dying and the poor. She ministered to all of them as if they were Jesus. I don’t work with the poorest of the poor or the dying but I’m trying to see Jesus in those people I encounter on a daily basis.

When I look at you, I see Jesus. I see Jesus in my pastor, my spouse, my children and grandchildren, my friends and family. We are all created in His image.

Jesus is attractive. People are drawn to him. They want to hang out and follow him. He is holy. We can be, too.

We are all on this journey to heaven. So many people are starving, not just for food, but for love, for holiness. Holiness is what is missing in our lives. Everyone is looking for something. When they look at you, let them see Jesus.

Today at Mass, I cried. I cried for all the people who didn’t get to hear the homily that Fr. Matt gave about how much Jesus loves each of us, about how wonderfully made we all are and how deeply He cares for us.

So many people in our world don’t believe it. They are looking in all the wrong places for something and someone to fulfill them.

But we can believe it. When we come to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, we carry Him with us when we leave those doors of the church and go out “to spread the Good News of the Gospel.”

Oh, if only everyone could see Jesus when they look at us.

Action Steps

-We need Jesus more than ever. Let’s invite our fallen away family members back to church. Bring someone with you next Sunday. Take them to lunch afterward.

-Gather a small group of friends or family members once a week or once a month and just talk. Share your life and your faith. Let them know how God is working in your life.

-Ask others to pray for you and that thing you’ve been struggling with. Share those areas where you have been able to overcome some sin. Be real.

Jesus loves us all so much. His love is never-ending. We all have the ability to share that love. It’s inside all of us. Let it shine through you so that when I look at you, I see Jesus.

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  1. Love this Barb thanks for sharing! Goals are the same! wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to be remembered that way …when someone talked about you and they said she always radiated Jesus🙏❤️

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