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All Fired Up!

Have you ever been so mad that you just wanted to spit? You just want to scream and yell, “people have no idea what they are doing!” That was me last week as I was listening to someone give a talk about the language in Issue 1 of the upcoming November election. I was all fired up and I should have written my thoughts down then. But now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I can actually write about it without screaming.

I’m so mad about the manipulation of the wording not only in this issue but quite a few past elections. It’s pretty bad when you need an interpreter to tell you what all the mumbo-jumbo means and whether or not your vote will be a vote for or against that particular issue. (That is the work of The Deceiver, by the way. He is all about twisting the truth and helping with confusion.)

I’m doing my part to help my Ohio friends make an informed decision. But don’t think you are immune from this if you aren’t from Ohio. Ohio is a ‘red state’. Keep an eye out to see how many other red states will be dealing with this issue in future elections.

But let’s get to what is going on with Issue 1 in the upcoming November election. I’m hoping you will all take the time to actually read the wording in the issue. Words are being manipulated so be informed.

Issue 1 has to do with ‘individuals’ (women, men, adults and minors) who would have the right to an abortion (at any stage, up to nine months) and without having to inform or get consent from their parents if they are underage. They are messing with parental rights.

I’m hoping my friends can help me by taking action and to help spread the word.

Where Can You Learn More?

Read the full text of the proposed change to the Ohio Constitution and learn about the concerning language that puts women at risk, threatens parental rights, and allows for abortions through all nine months of pregnancy in ‘The Where Does It Say That’ pdf located here:

Action Steps

1. PRAY & FAST– this is first and foremost. There is a 54-day novena beginning September 15. You can find it on the catholic aoc website above and sign up.
2. EDUCATE yourself and TELL OTHERS about the dangers of Issue 1.
3. Register to vote if you aren’t already & VOTE NO on Issue 1.

You can also visit

Here’s a moving 3 1/2 minute video.

I don’t normally take such a vocal stand with my readers, but this is so important to me. You may not agree with me on the issue of abortion. We can disagree and still be friends.

Thanks for reading and following along. May even the unborn have the chance to live life to the fullest. God bless you. –Barb


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